Computer Murabaha Finance

Have you ever wished that you own a computer?.... Do not hesitate more.
Have you tried to save a small amount of money each month to buy it and you just couldn’t?

We have the solution for you here at the National Commercial Bank ... we buy any device you like; and you can repay us with easy monthly installments. 

Murabaha system features with the National Commercial Bank:
  • Competitive profit margin of 8%.
  • Financing up to 18 months.
  • Tax is included in the financing transaction.
  • One can choose not to pay an advanced payment. 
  • The value of the monthly installment should not exceed 35% of the net salary.

Conditions and Terms:
  • Work period with the same employer should not be less 3 months.
  • A statement confirming that salary will be transferred to the bank’s accounts and should cover the value of the premium.
  • The maximum amount of funding is (LBD 2000).
  • The tax value on the contract is 2 %, tax clearance 0.5%.

The Required Documents:
  • A certificate stating the salary of the applicant.
  • A statement confirming that the applicant’s salary will continue to be transferred to the bank.
  • A copy of the ID of the applicant.
  • A copy of the passport page showing the automated number.
  • An initial Bill of the commodity to be financed.
  • Promissory note with all conditions met.
Pay your desktop, laptop or tablet monthly with NCB Murabaha finance packages. Apply now