Visa Prepaid Cards

NCB Visa prepaid card can be used globally at any store that accept VISA, also it can be used for online shopping. Get it now!

Our Visa Prepaid cards at NCB are convenient for all our customers from business men to employees and students; you can use it in all point of sales machines worldwide and through the internet. The prepaid Visa is simple to use as you can charge it with the requested amount also it can be used for cash withdraw from the ATM machines

Visa prepaid card

The prepaid visa from NCB is a reliable card and you can charge it up to 15 thousand Libyan dinars, you can use is in all Point of Sales (POS) and through the internet.

Prepaid Card has the following advantages

The maximum charge limit for the prepaid cards is ten thousand Libyan dinars
The safest card for internet shopping
The Withdraw limit is linked with the amount paid in advance
Simple and fast card issuance procedures