Our Brand

The new logo of the National Commercial Bank clearly expresses the new launch of the bank. This new stage of the bank will witness a new work vision at all administrational levels, along with the launch of new banking products, which in turn will enhance the leading vision of the bank that it aspires to achieve.

The green: a shinning future
We seek to offer our clients a shinning future by making available our services and wide expertise in the field of business and finance.
The blue: High professionalism
Our own ambitions is that you succeed in your work, we measure our performance with the extent of your satisfaction, and how much we realize your goals in life and work.
Charcoal: objectivity and transparency
We deal with our clients on the basis of one principle only, credibility, honesty and transparency in our dealings.
The logo: Bonding
Bonding with our clients and their needs is the foundation of our success
Ongoing Potentials
Our new slogan with which we aspire to offer services and products that will meet the needs of our clients completely. We hope to make possible all the capabilities available to offer such services and products that will meet your requirements using the most modern and updated approaches.