Car Finance (Murabaha)

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How can I benefit from this service?
To benefit from this service you have to contact the nearest branch of the National Commercial Bank to you and comply with the regulations on public financing. The candidate should submit all documents required.

What are the distinguished features of Murabaha with the National Commercial Bank?
  • Competitive profit margin.
  • Funding period extend to 96 months.
  • You will have the option not to pay an advance payment
  • Fixed premiums.
  • The value of the monthly installment should not exceed 35% of the net salary.

What are the requirements to benefit of Murabaha with The National Commercial Bank?
Must have a current account at the National Commercial Bank.
Work period with the same employer should not be less than (3) months, with a guarantee that the salary is transferred to the bank’s account and can cover the value of the premium.
The Bank provides financing for new cars only.
The maximum amount for is 30 thousand LBD.

What are the documents required?
  • A salary certificate for both the applicant and guarantor.
  • A written statement confirming that the salary of the applicant and guarantor will continue to be transferred to bank account. 
  • A copy of the ID of both the applicant and guarantor.
  • A copy of the passport page showing the automated number.
  • An initial Bill for the car to be financed.
  • A Promissory note with all requirements met.