Current and savings accounts

This service offered by the National Commercial Bank allows you perform your banking transactions easily and smoothly.


  • You can open an account with whatever amount of money either in the Libyan currency or any other main currency (EUR, USD, GBP).
  • Acquiring more than one ATM card, for local or international use.
  • Acquiring check book.
  • Regular account statement.
  • Easy transaction for your accounts from any branch you choose.
  • SMS mobile service to provide you with up-dated. information on the movements on your accounts.
  • Accessibility to make transfers and pay bills.

To open a current an account at the National Commercial Bank you will need the following:

  • A copy of your passport.
  • 2 personal photos.
  • A certificate stating your place of work.
  • To fill the form designated for current accounts.

As we wish to reduce your waiting time, and better serve you with more speed and ease, the National
Commercial Bank separated personal accounts from corporate ones.

1. Personal accounts: fill the form designated for opening an account and then the following documents must be submitted. 

  • A copy of your personal ID.
  • Two photos of you.

2. Corporate accounts, private and public.

  • License and articles of incorporation. 
  • Commercial Register and the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • A statement from the taxes department.
  • A statement specifying the authorized persons for signature. 
  • A permit for practicing the profession.
Apply for NCB Current or Saving Accounts and enjoy convenient unlimited transactions in any of the major currencies of the world.