Visa credit cards (VISA)

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The rules that govern the issuance of cards to customers 

(A) With the guarantee of their salaries

The requirements for issuance:

  • For the clients of the National Commercial Bank the card is issued without monetary guarantees.
  • The issuance is provided only for clients of whose salaries have been transferred to the bank accounts since more than three months.
  • The applicant should have been working for the same employer for more than one year.
  • The total net of the salary should not be less than 200 LBD.
  • The employer should in written undertake that the salary will be transferred to the bank accounts on regular basis, and not to be cancelled unless a written notice from the bank approves the cancelation of the transfer.
  • A certificate stating the salary of the applicant.
  • A copy of the ID, the national number. The number of the passport is not credible in this case.
  • Promissory note valued at 110 % of the maximum amount of money granted.

(B) Deposit holders:

  • The maximum amount allowed to issue the card should not exceed 10,000 LBD.
  • The deposit guarantor will be hold as mortgagee in favor of the bank valued at 110% of the maximum amount granted, with authorization granted for the bank to liquidate the deposit, and the full repayment of the debt incurred on the card in case of an overdraft of the card balance by 5% of the amount granted. 
The required documents for the issuance:
  • A written application for the issuance, completed, signed and stamped by the official of the branch. 
  • A certificate from the employer stating the continuous and regular transfer of the salary. The transfer transaction should not be cancelled unless the bank approves that in written.
  • A copy of the ID and the national number. The number of the passport is not credible in this case.
  • An electricity or house phone bill stating the place of residency of the applicant, or an endorsement from the branch part stating that the place of residency of the client is known to them.

Online Visa services "Auto Card":

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