The National Commercial Bank provides a package of products and services to its corporate customers through a big network of the best correspondents outside the country.
We have an integrated team with the best banking experience to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, and to support them in whatever they need to get the finest banking services available. The bank also provides them with special services so that they get the desired satisfaction, and building with them strong relationships on the long run.

The most important products that the bank offers to businesses include the following:
  • Current Accounts
  • Time Deposits
  • Documentary Credits
Documentary Credits can be opened within 24 hours of submitting the necessary documents to cover 100%. The required documents are as follow:
  • A Bill.
  • Insurance documents to cover the value of the bill.
  • A statement confirming payment of taxes by the company in addition to the concerned forms.
Local letters of guarantee
The required documents:
  • A letter from the applicant to commence the issuance process.
  • The financial coverage.
  • A statement confirming paying the required taxes.
Received documentary collection
National Commercial Bank accepts external documentary collection and immediately report to customers on the transaction, and it also pays as soon it gets r the necessary authorizations from customers.

Foreign remittances
The National Commercial Bank conducts direct foreign remittances under the following conditions:

The existence of endorsed bill.
  • The existence of cash coverage added to it the value of 25% of of the transfer sum.
  • The cap on the amount transferred is one million Libyan dinars on condition that the amount transferred does not exceed 500,000 Libyan dinars at a time.

Whatever your business - from SME to large corporation - NCB products and services are designed to advance change and champion progress.

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