Social Responsibility

“Our sense of the social responsibility is the frame work of our interactive participation in the development of our local communities. To achieve this end, we give support to the educational projects, and the development of the education sector through funding schools and contributing in the establishment of computer laboratories across our beloved Libya to help students everywhere in our country be productive and participate in building our national economy.

This modern concept of corporate social responsibility through which firms and institutions of the private sector help in the building and developing the local communities, and participate in its progress, and making a change and difference, realizing achievements and accomplishments in their home countries, drives us here at the National Commercial Bank to work effortlessly and hard toward the development of human, the economy and the society across Libya. Our work mainly focuses on the education sector in particular, and on funding the educational programs and processes to strengthen the economy of Libya, and make a good decent livelihood for our citizens, and achieving the highest welfare and living standards for them.

From the core of this concept the National Commercial Bank participated in a national and international event, the Dates International Exhibition which aims to highlight the good quality of the Libyan dates products and open the doors wide for Libyan farmers and exporters so that their products reach international markets.

In another event, the National Commercial Bank was honored at a banking forum held lately under the slogan “Small and Medium Enterprises: the strategic option to develop the economy and create job opportunities”. This honorable event comes in the context of the bank’s active role in the national and human development through extending support to SMEs. The forum was organized by the Union of Arab Banks with the cooperation of the Central Bank of Libya, and the Arab Union for Small Enterprises.