Numo Card

What does a Numo card mean?
It is a kind of ATM card that are used to draw money from an ATM machine easily without confinement to the times of drawing. 

How can I have access to a Numo card?
You can approach one of the National Commercial Bank branches and fill the specified form or apply though Mobi mal mobile application.

How can use an ATM machine to draw money?
  • Insert the card into its designated place. 
  • Select the preferred language. 
  • Enter your PIN. 
  • Select the amount of money you want to withdraw or any other service from the list of services available. 
  • You can request a report from the machine on the transaction you made.

How much money I can withdraw on this card?
You can withdraw the maximum limit shown in the screen of the ATM, but the cap on the daily withdraw transactions is 500 LYD, and the monthly limit is 4000 LYD. Also you can purchase through the point of sales up to 2000 LYD daily and 5000 LYD monthly.

How much time does it take to extract the card after filling the form?
The card is ready to use after one week of filling the application and the form.
You can download the form online and submit it after filling it to your nearest branch. You can also apply for the card online after filling the required form.

Now you can get NCB Numo card directly and easily through any branch or through Mobi mal mobile application