Our Values

Our work culture is characterized here at the National Commercial Bank with a set of values that constitute the foundation of our work. Comes first on the top of our values list is instilling the creative skills in our employees at all levels of the organization. Then we work hard to implement the most competent technological means to serve the best interests of our customers and shareholders, and to develop them in a way that goes in line with the needs of all stakeholders, and with our trenched indigenous traditions, customs and values.

We also aim that our mutual trust with our customers and shareholders, and that the responsibility we assumed to fulfill the banking transactions entrusted to us, the base and foundation of our dealings with all parties concerned.

Our goal is to make the National Commercial Bank the first choice and destination for all the customers and clients, depending in that on the speedy and accurate performance of our staff, their loyalty in work, and the good quality of the services they provide encompassed all with the spirit of team work.

National Commercial Bank NCB puts great emphasis on values. We passionately believes in realizing progress to help improve the lives and businesses of our clients.