Internet Banking

Electronic Transaction System
At National Commercial Bank (NCB), we focus on making banking convenient for you. Our Electronic Transaction System focus on providing you the access you need, when and where you need it. We use the combination of people and technology to deliver the service and convenience that is right for you.
Electronic Transaction System is a unique online platform enabling corporates to submit trade finance transaction requests like Letters of Credit issuance and amendment and Remittances, Bank Guarantee issuance and amendment, direct import related online. The Electronic Transaction System is designed to meet our client needs and most advanced technology trends. Clients can log in through our website with their Corporate ID and User ID after registering in the system and submitting all legal and corporate documents to initiate trade requests which will directly flow into the bank system without any manual intervention.
Key Benefits
  • Convenience for submitting trade transaction for customer having current account with the bank
  • Templatization of repetitive transactions
  • Customized authorization matrix at customer end
  • Quicker turnaround time for closure of trade transaction requests
Security Features
  • Robust authentication processes
  • Encrypted sessions between customer and the Bank (SSL v3 128 bit)
  • Audit trails for administrative and transactional activities
  • 24/7 security monitoring and centralized incident management team
  • Access control - for compliance and audit requirements at the customer's end
Registration Process
  • Submit your Trade Online registration form online through
  • Post verification of documents, the bank will get in touch with you for the procurement of Digital certificate.

With an extensive range of features, our Electronic Transaction System brings convenience to your fingertips.