Murabaha Installment Service

Islamic Murabaha

Murabaha Is a customized Shari’a - compliant Assets Finance product that truly reflects the needs and requirements of your growth and ambitious.

Murabaha is a financing arrangement whereby the bank agrees to purchase an asset at the request of the customer. The bank takes legal possession of the asset that is then sold to the customer at an agreed price consisting of the amount of financing plus the profit margin.

Murabaha is a banking product that has been approved to be a substitute for the “interest” system.

Murabaha is a funding process based on the interest on the different periods of time. This service enables our customers to acquire a wide range of furniture and household items, computers and cars. 

To answer the many questions on the Islamic window for funding by Murabaha, we say that procurement and sale contracts are done with the follow up and supervision of the monitoring legislative committee “shariah" entrusted with this mission by the General Mufti of Libya. For more information and inquiries please contact us on the following email: