Yussor Pay Service

What is Yussor Pay Service?
Yussor Pay Service is an electronic payment service provided by National Commercial Bank to its individual and merchant customers as part of its banking services packages through mobile phones. This service allows individuals to pay for their purchases and bills by transferring money from their bank account to the merchant's or service provider's account. Yussor Pay Service also helps merchants and companies to develop their businesses while ensuring customer satisfaction.

What are the features of Yussor Pay Service?
This service is characterized by its:
  • Easy use
  • Flexibility in payment and refund
  • Payment security
  • Individuals service
Yussor Pay Service for Individuals
Yussor Pay Service is an electronic payment service available within the services of National Commercial Bank through mobile phones, allowing individual customers to access their accounts to pay for their purchases and meet their daily needs by transferring the required amount from their bank account to the merchant's or service provider's account.

What are the requirements for individuals to subscribe to Yussor Pay Service?
Individuals must be subscribers to the National Commercial Bank services through mobile phones currently available within the Mobi Mal package. To subscribe to this service, individuals can visit their bank branch and fill out a form to activate electronic payment and money transfer services.

How to activate Yussor Pay?
All you have to do to activate or obtain a replacement for the lost Yussor Pay service is send an SMS message to 19019 containing MobiMal password*account number, then you will receive a message containing the password for the purchase process using Yussor Pay. Thus, the process has ended and the service has been activated successfully

Yussor Pay Service for Merchants
Yussor Pay Service is a service provided to customers of National Commercial Bank and is a secure and easy payment method that helps both merchants and business owners to complete sales and purchase transactions, whether for utility bills or products. Through Yussor Pay Service, merchants can increase their profit margin by accepting mobile payments and streamlining sales and purchasing processes. This service also allows merchants to track financial transactions, check balances, and facilitate the management of branches and business activities easily.

How to get Yussor Pay Service?
To obtain Yussor Pay Service:
  • Download Yussor Pay application and install it on your phone.
  • Fill out the subscription request form from the application.
  • Visit your bank branch to complete the procedures and activate the service.

Enjoy the easiest, fastest and most secure electronic payment method, Yussor Pay

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