CEO Message

Welcome to the website of the National Commercial Bank.

As the CEO of the National Commercial Bank, happiness overwhelm me to extend my thanks and appreciation to all our employees here in the bank for their good work, well performance and high [professionalism in conducting the work of the bank, which in turn will be reflected on serving best our customers and offering them the highest returns possible on their financial operations, investments and contributions.

The National Commercial Bank has managed through its visions and strategic plans, as well as the efforts of its employees to be a key player in the local, regional and international banking markets.

Through the bank's slogan "With Every New Dawn, We Bring You New Possibilities", the bank was, and is able to bring about the change aspired, and to provide the required quality of services and products to the customers to the degree it has acquired their confidence to be the only bank perhaps they do business with.
We are committed to culture and the fundamental principles of the bank, which implies that the combined banking philosophy we pursue places our customers in the priority of our work. Here at the bank we invest in our communities for the progress of our country, and we also invest in the potentials of our employees to provide the best for our customers and our country.

Therefore, the role of the human resources in the bank is very important and within the frame of our strategic plans, we will strive to provide a good training for them, and to make their work environment best suitable so they can provide the best banking and financial products and services to our customers.

The National Commercial Bank provides specialized training courses for the development of our human resource, and the personnel and technical cooperation with the best specialist consultants in the international banking sector.

The vision of the bank is aimed at training all employees. in light of attention and care given by the Board of Directors and senior management of the bank for the development of human resources.

The General Manager